Expert second opinion services in pathology is an innovative SECOND OPINION platform for patients with tumor diagnosis.

Our international network of certified top pathologists guarantees the most reliable,
quick diagnosis for each form of tumor.

Enhance diagnostic confidence and bring peace to your mind.
Have your biopsy reviewed by our team of specialists.

Why a second opinion is useful

Diagnosing the right cancer subtype will be determinative for the success of the entire further treatment. Did you know that, for example,
of breast cancer at least 5 subtypes exist that each require a different treatment strategy?

Several recent studies have shown that the number of erroneous diagnoses is surprisingly higher than was previously assumed.
The treatment strategy is entirely determined by the diagnosis. An inaccurate diagnosis may lead to a wrong treatment.

Asking for a second assessment of your biopsy is not a sign of distrust of your treating physician.
More and more doctors recommend a second assessment of your biopsy.

A correct diagnosis of your specimen is of vital importance.
Having your biopsy reviewed by independent pathology experts will ensure correct interpretation and appropriate treatment
and bring peace to your mind.

How we work

STEP 1: Register on our website.

You will receive a confirmation email if your registration is successful.

STEP 2: We will contact you by telephone.

We further explain the procedure so that you know exactly what you can expect from us.
We guide you through a few additional questions:
  • The name of the patient. This can be yourself or a family member or acquaintance;
  • The name of the doctor who took the biopsy, or the name of the hospital where the biopsy was taken;
  • The consent of the patient that the doctors of can request the specimen and associated pathology report.
From this moment on we take further care. We handle the further steps:

STEP 3: Our doctors request all the specimens and original reports.

We check whether the information is complete and whether we have received all tissue sections.
Our doctors decide which expert in our network will assess your biopsy.

STEP 4: The expert pathologist analyzes the biopsy.

We aim to always receive a response from the expert pathologist within 48 hours of receiving the biopsy.

STEP 5: We inform you about the expert pathologist's report.

A doctor from will contact you to explain the expert's report.
You can also choose to forward this report directly to a doctor appointed by you (which we recommend).
In the meantime, the biopsy is returned to the lab of origin without delay.

Why choose works according to the strictest safety and privacy standards. Your data is protected maximally.

We work quickly and transparently. Thanks to our automated platform, you can always monitor the actual status of your biopsy.

The analysis of a biopsy is not easy and assessing whether an injury is benign or malignant is not always unequivocal and requires
highly specialized knowledge. works with an international panel of certified expert pathologists,
which means you can rely on renowned experts for every type of biopsy. strives to offer the highest quality and reliability. Our rates are also transparent.
Please contact us for further information.

Rapid processing times

Reliable and secure services

Affordable rates


We at are convinced that digital pathology will set new standards in terms of efficiency, productivity,
and reliability. Most importantly, it enables telepathology, a practice allowing pathologists to perform their biopsy
analyses on digital images anywhere and anytime. Telepathology allows expertise to be shared in primary and
secondary diagnosis and peer review and exploited in regions where there is a short of seasoned pathologists.

Our mission is to foster better treatment decisions and improve patient care by providing our digital
telepathology platform, services, and expertise to patients worldwide.

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